Offshore Physiotherapy Torquay

Torquay Clinic

144 Surfcoast Hwy, Torquay

  • Ph: 03 5261 5246

Grovedale Clinic

222 Torquay Road, Grovedale

  • Ph: 03 5241 6129
Grovedale Clinic

Grovedale Clinic

In 2014 we opened an additional clinic located within the ‘Cottage Medical Centre’ at 222 Torquay Road, Grovedale. This purpose built medical facility offers modern treatment rooms and a fully equipped rehabilitation gym. Our physiotherapists work alongside other treating doctors and health professionals at the Cottage Medical Centre to offer you complete care.

Along with our standard physiotherapy services, our Grovedale Clinic offers extensive running and rowing assessments.

Running Assessments

At our Grovedale Clinic our large rehab gym allows us to offer Running Assessments using treadmills and video analysis. Land based running analysis can also occur when requested or if deemed necessary at a local sporting reserve.

We believe in keeping people active. Recent research has shown the value and importance of running retraining. Running re training can be an effective tool for both injury prevention or as part of your rehab post injury. Through performing a running analysis, we can identify any bio mechanical problems in your running style or potential overloading of the lower limb during running. Often we can identify and correct a running technique issue before an injury occurs.

Rowing Assessments

Rowing assessments at our Grovedale Clinic involves using our modern rowing ergo and video analysis. The video analysis allows us to use slow motion technology to break down your rowing technique, helping to identify and make any necessary changes to avoid future injury.

The benefit of using correct rowing technique for both performance and injury prevention are significant. Former rower and Director of Offshore Physiotherapy Torquay, Anthony Winter performs our rowing assessments.

If requested we also offer a service where we can attend a rowing club to perform a series of assessments.