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Geelong Foot Clinic Consult from our rooms at Offshore Physiotherapy Torquay.

Podiatrists deal with a wide range of conditions to the feet and lower limb. These conditions may be medical, surgical or sporting in nature. Common presentations to the podiatrist are as a result of trauma, overuse, tissue damage (ingrown nail, painful corn), circulatory problems, bio-mechanical abnormality or for post-surgery rehabilitation.

Podiatrists complete a biomechanical assessment of your feet and walking pattern to determine whether there is any mechanical problems that may be causing your pain /dysfunction.

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Robbie Thorogood


Robbie completed a double degree Bachelor of Health Science & Masters in Podiatric Practice from La Trobe University. He is one of the senior podiatrists within the Geelong Foot Clinic team & has a special interest in heel pain. He has spent time working overseas in Hong Kong with elite athletes and enjoys this side of his work just as much as his time working with local level sportspeople.

Robbie treats a variety of podiatry issues including skin/nail problems to more complex biomechanical cases. Robbie spends his recreational time outdoors & travelling.